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Post Op Laryngoscopy/Vocal Cord Biopsy

Before surgery:

  • Do not rest your voice. It is easier for the surgeon to detect any pathology if you have not rested your voice
  • Plan your schedule to that you won’t have to talk after surgery
  • Change your voicemail message
  • Cancel any engagements that require talking
  • Pre-operative speech pathology therapy may be recommended to provide education on voice care to instruct post-operative voice exercises

After surgery: day 1-3

  • Do not speak at all for three days (unless otherwise specified by your surgeon)
  • Use an ipad, text messging, email or pen and paper to communicate
  • Do not whisper at all (this can actually cause more damage)
  • Do not sing or hum
  • Do not cough or throat clear unless necessary
  • Drink large amount of water (2L per day)
  • Reduce intake of caffeine (e.g coffee, tea, cola drinks) – ALCOHOL/SMOKING/USE HUMIDIFIER
  • Avoid menthol lozenges

After surgery: day 4

  • Your speech pathologist will recommend gentle voice stretching exercises to commence from Day 4 to aid in wound healing
  • Commence gentle talking up to 5 minutes per hour
  • Gradually increase the amount you talk over the next few weeks to your usual level unless otherwise advised
  • Stop voice use with the sensation of fatigue or pain
  • Further Speech Pathology therapy may be recommended for a period post surgically to ensure ongoing maintenance of your voice.
  • Call Dr Friedland’s rooms if you:
    • Develop a persistent cough or fever
    • If you experience any bleeding or difficulty breathing.

If you have severe symptoms, proceed to the nearest emergency room IMMEDIATELY.

  • Continue to take your regular prescription medications unless otherwise instructed by Dr Friedland.